Why Does Stress Kill?

Your brain still thinks you live in a cave
like a wild man

Stress is a biological process. In our wild-man days it provided us with an evolutionary advantage and is ultimately geared towards survival.  Life was a tad different back then – with predators lurking out of sight, it was often necessary to engage the ‘fight or flight’ response to flee from the slavering jaws of a hungry beast, perhaps even wrestling it to keep from becoming a delicious dinner.

In our modern world, you don’t need to worry about becoming dinner, but rather about earning enough to consistently provide dinner, or keeping the roof over your head. You have work stress, traffic stress, personal stress – an absolute abundance of stress to contend with.  However your ancient primitive “monkey brain’, the amygdala, perceives your stress as a life-threatening situation, and still thinks the best way to deal with this stress is by initiating that fight or flight response.  Its reaction to your very often mentally induced stress is to hit the emergency button and “mobilize the forces” to deal with the crisis.  Read more…

Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick?

Mind-body connection

Your body and your mind are inextricably linked. 

Every single thought you have results in a biochemical reaction in your brain which in turn affects your body. Your brain makes a chemical which is sent to the body which immediately responds by reacting in direct alignment with the thought you just had.  In other words – your body produces a feeling – it feels what you are thinking.

A very easy way of illustrating this concepts is sexual arousal. Imagine you are sitting comfortably somewhere and a deliciously sexy thought enters your mind.  The result is that your body reflects your thought by feeling a bit turned on.  This in turn, results in you thinking even more exciting thoughts, which results in you feeling even more aroused and excited, often with unmistakable and unequivocal physical proof that your body feels your thoughts!  And the thought-feeling cycle continues – your thoughts reflect in your body which signals your mind to think more related thoughts which are again reflected in your body.  Read more…


Love Yourself

If you treated others like you treat yourself,
would you have any friends?

I bet the vast majority of you would shudder at the idea of treating others as you treat yourself. You would probably be quite hated, and considered a taker, an abuser, rude, lacking compassion, lacking tolerance or forgiveness. Not to mention the you way speak to yourself, constantly criticising and judging yourself harshly. It is certainly no way to treat anybody, and you certainly would not allow someone else to treat you so poorly, yet, you seem to think it’s okay to treat yourself in this way. And then you wonder why you don’t feel good inside.

Your emotions are affected by your thoughts, and your thoughts in turn respond to  your emotion. If you are thinking negatively about yourself, being over critical and harsh, is it any wonder that you struggle to feel good? Is it any wonder that your mind is unkind to you, when you are unkind to it? Your subconscious mind can be your best friend, if you allow it to. Read more…