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Cultivate your Inner-World to be Extraordinary
  • Help with Anxiety which is negatively affecting your life?
  • Divorce or Relationship Therapy?
  • Weight-loss hypnosis to help you get thin the lazy way and shed those excess kilograms?
  • Performance-enhancement training for sports, music or any creative goal?
  • Help with things of a personal nature which are holding you back in life?
  • Training for something specific, like developing a new mindset to combat a health issue or to stop smoking?
  • Learning the skill of Mind Training or Meditation?

Lilith’s approach exponentially accelerated my healing.

At 50 years old my life came crashing down around me, when I finally left my abusive husband after 15 years and suffered his vengeance, which took the form of cheating me out of everything I owned except my car, pushing me out of our prosperous businesses and joint family trust, and racking up huge debt on my behalf, leaving me stranded and at his mercy with no safety net or support structure.


For the first year I lived in almost continuous terror with no means or idea how to heal or move forward, in a state of what I now know to be constant C-PTSD.  My grayed hair fell out in clumps, my weight plummeted, I woke several times a night panting in fear, could not control my tears in private or public, and probably aged 10 years.


In the second year, I began to connect with people from various disciplines (from energy healers, hypnotists, a trauma counsellor, life coaches, abuse support groups and NLP practitioners) who tried to help me, each time with limited success.  During this time my safety remained at the financial whim of my ex husband and – although I’m a highly qualified and previously successful businesswoman) no matter how hard I tried to secure work or build a business, nothing worked.


By the time I was referred to Lilith, I was desperate and had lost all confidence in myself and all hope for the future, feeling abandoned, washed-up and ready for the scrap heap.


Lilith coached me for an hour each week for 9 sessions, and never once allowed me to fall into the trap of seeing myself as a victim or playing the blame game.  And this, I believe, was my turning point.  Her unique approach, combining her rich scientific knowledge and strong spiritual awareness, greatly aided me in separating myself from the emotions I was experiencing, and her practical application of the scientific principles turned my healing around: instead of battling my demons from the inside out, we used multi-faceted tactics, working simultaneously at the emotional, physical and intellectual (logical) level.  She challenged my thinking regularly, held me accountable to my weekly commitments to myself and the self-reflection exercises she gave me, and – unlike other practitioners I’d encountered – worked intelligently to uncover some deep subconscious beliefs that resided at far deeper levels than those I’d reached with anyone else.


Beyond that, however, she taught me skills, a habit of mindfulness and instrospective techniques that I’ve continued to use to progress my healing further.  She also has great business acumen and common sense, and was able to give me useful pointers which I’m now using to begin building a new business.


I have since greatly reduced my emotional attachment to my ex, managed to secure a small amount of business (even standing up to a bullying client and fighting for fees due which they’d reneged on – something I would once have allowed to defeat me), recently moved into my own house and have begun building some promising business contacts which I believe might lead to good things.  More importantly, though, my thinking is once again clear, I am motivated and even excited about what I want to do, and I have rediscovered my curiosity, courage and belief in myself.


Lilith is not an ‘easy’ answer, but she’s closest to a ‘real’ answer than any other avenue I tried.  I write this as we complete our second day of COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa, and find myself not only calm, unruffled and unaffected by the fear and uncertainty of the moment, but joyfully looking forward to the opportunities it may present for the reinvention of my life.  If you have the courage and willingness to face yourself and find your voice, and are willing to put in the work, Lilith should be your partner on the journey.

Helen – 53yrs, Johannesburg

Divorce is not a singular event.  Its a process, a brutal and horrible process that happens in phases:

The Beginning: To divorce or not to divorce?

The Middle: Anguish, Anger, Anxiety

The End:  Scary, Overwhelming, New Beginnings


Stress induced anxiety can manifest in many forms and be severely limiting.  It may take on the form of exam anxiety, causing you to fail no matter how well you have prepared.  It may manifest as work anxiety, preventing you from progressing or accepting a promotion due to anxiety caused feeling unable to handle the pressure of meeting deadlines.  Performance anxiety, social anxiety, being anxious about being away from home, being anxious about dealing with problems, managing staff, public speaking, travel, parties… the list goes on. The common denominator is that your anxiety is holding you back, preventing you from getting ahead, feeling happy and just enjoying life.  Read More…


Do you struggle to keep the extra weight off? Does food seem to have its own power over you? This is because you are not addressing the emotional component of weight-loss.  Hypnotherapy can help you to identify why you overeat, correct that belief and in doing that transform your relationship to food!  Now you can be successful in shedding those kilo’s and keeping them off – The Lazy Way. 
Read More…

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” – Henry Ford


Success starts in your mind. If your mental game is off, your entire game is off. If you want to reach your peak potential you need to make sure your mental game is top notch.  Success is an attitude that anyone can develop. Performance-Enhancement Coaching is about improving your attitude and mental game. By training your mind to work FOR you rather than against you, you can reap the benefits of having the mental edge.

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most difficult careers to embark on. My stress levels went through the roof and consequently so did my Cholesterol. Before seeing Lilith Walliser it was sitting at 9.9, basically a heart attack waiting to happen. Within a month of beginning treatment with Lilith  my cholesterol dropped to 3.9 and through her stress management course I was able to at least get a full night’s sleep, the first time in years! I highly recommend Lilith as one of the best Life Practioners I have had the pleasure to meet.

Henri – 52 yrs. Northcliff


My life has been seriously upgraded, from being depressed & miserable, to energised & hungry for life. I was in a terrible relationship, having lost my identity and allowing people to treat me badly. Lilith from Life Upgrade showed me the light by getting rid of old thinking & habits, and focusing my my strengths. I have her to thank for my current, upgraded life! I have learnt to love myself for who I am, I’m proud of myself & appreciate who I am. I am in control of my own life and no longer let people dictate to me. Thank you Lilith, thank you Life Upgrade, from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend that anyone seeking self-life assist to contact Lilith from Life Upgrade right now & book a session!

Sean, 43 Business Owner



My name is Nokuthula September, a 36 year old single mother and working full time. When I met Lilith, my life was in shambles and I had grown into a habit of ignoring making necessary decisions and changes towards my growth. I was anxious to quit my habits that made me feel better but landed me up in a desperate situations regardless.


Fear and Anxiety disabled my mind to an extent that I could not  function as a leader at work and everything was rapidly falling apart including my wellbeing, finances and I was failing to meet my responsibility as a mother.


I knew I had some choices to make but I just could not face the uncertainties that come with change but yet I was on the verge of losing everything I had worked hard for.


I met Lilith in 2017 and I was skeptical taking that first step towards sobriety and towards making better choice for myself. Since my first sessions of Hypnotherapy and Private Mentoring, I have made tremendous changes including:

  • Selling my home in order to start afresh
  • Paying off debt
  • Adopting a positive outlook on a daily basis
  • Setting attainable goals
  • Taking responsibility of every single moment
  • Gaining confidence broadening my vision and my horizon

Through Dream Analysis, I was able to face and conquer feelings of fear and the dream analysis also assisted me to have more depth into my vision and take responsibility of setting up goals in order to attain my dream.


Lilith has really made feel like a new person and the journey with Life Upgrade has been the most rewarding experience.


Please note: Consultations with Lilith are only available for 6 private clients per week.  Consultations are typically weekly. How many appointments you require will depend on how much time and effort you invest in implementing what you have learned.

When a private client has achieved their desired outcome their slot will become available for you. If there are no vacancies at the time of your contact we will add you to our waiting list and contact you as soon as a suitable time slot becomes available.