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WHAT YOU GET In your Mind Training BonusPack:

  • A one hour Training audio of the affirmations with a Theta Entrainment backing to make your Mind receptive to your training
  • A one hour Training audio with only the affirmations (no entrainment) coupled with a soothing Forest Stream background so that you can train your Subconscious Mind while you sleep
  • 21 Day Progress Journal
  • Instructions on how to best use your mind-training audio
  • The GOAL WEIGHT Script so that you know exactly what statements you are training your Subconscious Mind with.


Start your journey towards a slimmer healthier you and get this Mind Training audio now!

You can shed that excess weight and reach your Goal-Weight by training your Subconscious Mind to develop healthy eating habits!


By listening to this audio every day, you can start training your mind to manage your weight by making healthy choices!


GOAL-WEIGHT Mind Training Audio is designed to build a natural desire to eat fresh healthy food and and help you let go of unhealthy eating habits with ease, in a gentle natural way.  Just download it onto your phone and listen to it every day and keep track of your progress with the 21 Day Progress Journal.


By focusing on helping yourself feel good and empowered by making the right choices, you become naturally inclined to stop over-eating and reach your Goal-Weight.


If you want to manage your weight effectively, or just want to improve on your eating habits, then you can’t do without the GOAL-WEIGHT training audio!