What I learned from having a Big Bum

Would you like to know what I learned from having a Big Bum? I remember it clearly although it was 17 years ago.  I had 20kgs that I had to get rid of, and nothing was budging. My son, a pre-schooler at the time, asked me, while I stood on a chair getting something out the top of his cupboard, “Do all Moms have big bums?”.  *sigh* I think that was the final straw.

The Journey Begins

I then embarked on a variety of programs. I signed up for a one where I could eat only certain items at specific times of the day. Great. Whoever designed that program had no idea how fussy I am, how it’s easier for me to list what I do like to eat rather than what I don’t. I was limited by my palate to about 7 items on this list. Day in and day out.  It was bland, boring and ghastly.  It wasn’t long before I was cheating. And secretly throwing up my cheats in shame and an attempt to assuage my guilt.

The next programme had some magic medicine that was going to sort out all my problems along with a new and improved boring diet plan. The magic juice tasted bad, and frankly, made no difference. The diet was….impossible for someone like me. Soon the cheating, and the throwing up started again.

The Diet Industry wants you to fail

But…I learned somethings during this time.   I realised that the diet industry sells nothing more than hope with their potions and pills and restrictive diets. I also discovered that I could deprive myself of tasty food for weeks at a time – but then would give up as it was just not sustainable. That failure made me feel even worse about myself. The guilt and shame were awful.  It made me even more desperate…looking for a quick fix, a different magic pill or potion. The diet industry counts on this. They make a fortune out of our failures. They want us to stay on the merry-go-round of temporary success and repeated failure. It keeps us coming back for the next miracle product. I found out that there are no miracle pills, powders or potions that will heal a fear.

I learned that there is no diet in the world that will reprogramme a belief about your body or yourself.  I discovered that there is only one way to dump those kilos permanently, and that is to shift the belief the subconscious holds about your body and your eating. You have to heal the emotional condition causing the behaviour of over-eating. When you do this…success is yours. You will then lose the weight easily, naturally and permanently, like I did, and like my Hypno-weight-loss clients did. If you want to find out more about this, simply reach out to me. Send me a message, and we can chat.