Self Acceptance

If you treated others like you treat yourself,
would you have any friends?

I bet the vast majority of you would shudder at the idea of treating others as you treat yourself. You would probably be quite hated, and considered a taker, an abuser, rude, lacking compassion, lacking tolerance or forgiveness. Not to mention the you way speak to yourself: constantly criticising and judging yourself harshly. It is certainly not an acceptable way to treat others and you certainly would not allow someone else to treat you so poorly, yet, you seem to think it’s okay to treat yourself in this way. And then you wonder why you don’t feel good inside.


Your emotions are affected by your thoughts, and your thoughts in turn respond to your emotion. If you are thinking negatively about yourself, being over critical and harsh, is it any wonder that you struggle to feel good? Is it any wonder that your mind is unkind to you, when you are unkind to it? Your subconscious mind can be your best friend, if you allow it to.


We know that changing how you feel about yourself is easier said than done. That is why we have created a Mind Training tool to help you with that. It’s called Self Acceptance. Can you imagine how that would feel….accepting yourself? Can you imagine how it would feel to believe that you are good enough? How would it feel to believe that you are worthy of love? What if you could let go of your past? What if you could be proud of yourself? Can you imagine how your life would change, if you could be friends with yourself! We are here to help you befriend yourself. You can start with the Mind Training, or join a Personal Development Workshop when they are being presented, or receive private coaching – there are many avenues of help, you just need to choose one!


Today is Valentines day. Why not be your own Valentine and love yourself? Why not try and love yourself for the rest of the week and see how it feels? When every part of you is operating in unity it’s like a magnificent symphony! All the rhythms of yourself, your desires, your biology, the world and nature are in sync, things just seem to flow with a grace and beauty. When you are able to channel those forces you experience an effortless ease in moving forward. It’s like all the work is being done for you and you just need to direct where you want this energy to go in order to get the results that you want. If you love yourself, speak kindly to yourself, and focus on forgiving, accepting, and praising yourself and the things you do, you will find that this begins to reflect on your world outside and beyond you. People will also start behaving differently to you, as you begin to interact differently with your world.

Your relationship with the outside world starts off with your relationship inside, with yourself. When you are friends with yourself, you have a partner who is dedicated to helping you move forward, dedicated to helping you succeed. But when you are unkind to yourself, you suffer from negative emotion such as stress, self hatred, anxiety, depression and a general sense of dissatisfaction with life. These are these are very limiting emotions – they limit your success, limit your happiness, and limit your quality of life. They affect the relationships that you have with your partner, your friends, your colleagues, they affect your mood, rob you of motivation, steal your success. You operate in a wounded state, and continue to pour salt into that wound, never allowing it to heal. You try your best to be a good person, thinking about and caring for others, while wholly neglecting yourself and your needs, neglecting the purest friendship – the one with your mind. You ignore the crying inside of you, and wonder why you are stuck in life. Yet, if you could just shift your Perspective a little, you could heal that wound in your soul, and transform your life. There are many ways to begin your journey.


Here is a small new perspective for you, one way to being your journey.. Consider your body for a moment. Consider how you have abused it over time. You have fed it toxins, chemicals, junk. You have inhaled smoke into your lungs, forced your liver to cope with alcohol, perhaps you have overeaten and forced your body to cope with your excess weight. You possibly neglect to exercise it. You abuse your body daily, and then you criticise it for being imperfect. Yet, you fail to see that it has so very faithfully being doing its absolute best for you! Your body has worked so hard to keep you alive. It has done its best to cope with the toxins you have given it no choice in. It has tirelessly worked to preserve your life and your health, and the fact that you are alive and reading this right now shows you what a good job it has done for you! It faithfully does its absolute best for you, every day, despite the fact that you have never taken the time out to thank it. It continues to toil for you, even though you criticise it and feel that it has betrayed you. It always, without fail, does its best. Because that’s how it is programmed – it defaults to life, and trying to preserve your life. Your mind is no different. It has brought you to where you are today – alive, and functioning, despite all the negativity and constant tirade of criticism you throw at it. It does its best with what it has – with no acknowledgement, no thanks. If you want more from it – perhaps you should give it more to work with!


Why don’t you start here. At the end of this paragraph close your eyes, take a deep breath, slowly release it and then consider how hard your body and mind have worked for you. Take a moment to appreciate all that your body and mind have done for you. Be mindful, be present and let it really sink in that they have done their best with what you have given them, even though you have not given them your best. Thank them for working so hard to preserve life for you. Thank them for never giving up on you. Apologise to them for your ingratitude, oversight and abuse. Then Love them, and understand them as part of you…..Go on…close your eyes…..


If you haven’t closed your eyes and thought about it – do it now before continuing to read. Go on. Do it now. The words on this page will wait for you……


How did that feel?

Perhaps now, after taking that moment, you can begin to understand that you have every reason to learn how to be friends with yourself, how to love yourself and accept yourself. Perhaps you can begin to wonder about just what you could accomplish if you work with yourself instead of against yourself. Perhaps you can begin to understand that your body and mind deserve, that you deserve your kindness and love. Perhaps you can imagine how much better everything would feel if you could see your parts (body mind and soul) as a team that are working tirelessly in your favour, and that you are the captain of this team!


At the very least, just try, for the rest of the week, to treat yourself as you would treat someone you really loved and cared for.  Be kind to yourself and work on some personal development with one-on-one coaching.