Stress Management Workshops

Stress & Anxiety Management Workshops


Read Why Stress Kills.


The lifestyle workshops are designed to help you improve your general health and wellbeing.  


They can be attended by anyone who:

  • is tired of the daily grind and struggle with chronic stress or anxiety. 
  • Struggles with Exam Anxiety or Study Stress
  • is suffering from memory loss or wants to prevent memory loss and cognitive decline.

We also have solutions for your business, company or place of learning if you want to increase the performance of your employees or students.

Stress & Anxiety

Everybody should start here…

Stop being a victim of Stress and Anxiety. This is a must for those suffering from chronic stress.  A fundamentally powerful workshop which will change your life, health and wellbeing, forever. 


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Exam Anxiety & Study Stress

All students should attend this workshop. Not only will it help combat your Exam Anxiety, but also help you deal with Study Stress and feeling so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start, so you don’t start at all.  Improve your focus and concentration and general skills.


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Corporate Stress Management

Stress costs developed countries billions every year.  If your company wants to Upgrade staff productivity, morale and performance while decreasing staff turnover, absenteeism, and dissatisfaction, then implementing a good ongoing stress management policy is key.


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Mind Save

Rescue your Future Mind and reduce your risk of developing Dementia.  Learn about neuroplasticity, how to improve your memory and cognitive health. Endorsed by the Alzheimers Association of South Africa.   Essential for anybody over the age of 45.


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