Love Yourself

If you treated others like you treat yourself,
would you have any friends?

I bet the vast majority of you would shudder at the idea of treating others as you treat yourself. You would probably be quite hated, and considered a taker, an abuser, rude, lacking compassion, lacking tolerance or forgiveness. Not to mention the you way speak to yourself, constantly criticising and judging yourself harshly. It is certainly no way to treat anybody, and you certainly would not allow someone else to treat you so poorly, yet, you seem to think it’s okay to treat yourself in this way. And then you wonder why you don’t feel good inside.

Your emotions are affected by your thoughts, and your thoughts in turn respond to  your emotion. If you are thinking negatively about yourself, being over critical and harsh, is it any wonder that you struggle to feel good? Is it any wonder that your mind is unkind to you, when you are unkind to it? Your subconscious mind can be your best friend, if you allow it to. Read more…