Lose Weight: Get Thin the Lazy Way


In April 2019 I hit 107kg. Fluctuating weight has been a repeat story in my life for a long time.  I’d lose weight, only to pick it back up within a year – and not only did I gain what I lost, but the kg’s brought their friends along too.


As a result of the excess weight I was carrying, I suffered terrible drenching night sweats every single night.  Overweight, unfit and uncomfortable I decided, again, to do something about it and embarked on yet another exercise and diet programme.  I religiously went to gym at least 3x a week, doing a combination of cardio in the form of running and swimming, along with doing weights.

I was also being very particular about my eating – making sure I was eating healthily and not too much.


11 months later – despite all my efforts, I had only managed to shed 3kgs.  During that year my weight constantly fluctuated – I would lose a bit, and then gain it right back. The night sweats continued, and I was becoming very discouraged.


One happy day I was referred to Life Upgrade’s “Lose weight the Lazy Way” package that Lilith runs.  I was sceptical – it sounded too easy if you know what I mean, but I was desperate and didn’t know what else I could possibly do.  So I bought the package and, because I live in Mauritius, had my consultations with Lilith online.  I thought that Hypnosis wouldn’t work over skype – but, as Lililth pointed out – all that was required of me was to close my eyes and listen to her and answer her questions – you certainly don’t need to be in the same room to do that – all you need is a good internet connection.


After my actual Hypno Session, where Lilith helped me understand and correct the emotional reason for my weight problems, I felt an immediate shift!


The ongoing weekly support I received from her in terms of motivating me and guiding me in terms of mind hacks for keeping on track and approaching food were invaluable.  Lilith definitely goes the extra mile, above and beyond what you expect. I can confidently say that she over-delivers!  I listened to my personal cure audio along with the mind training ones provided and diligently worked the programme by sending Lilith my daily progress journals. (I soon learned that these are so important as it kept Lilith in the loop as to where I was mentally/emotionally so that she could offer on the spot intervention, mind correction or encouragement in those early days) The very next week, I weighed myself and had already lost weight!


Now 7 months later, in September 2020, I have lost a total of 12kg, and am still losing weight effortlessly as I write this! And here is the whopper – during lockdown I didn’t go to gym at all and still got to indulge in the odd hamburger!  People around me were gaining weight during lockdown while I was happily losing with absolutely no effort on my part!


I have completely changed my view on food I enjoy eating as and when I do, I only eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full, I can leave food on my plate and I don’t even need my audio-support anymore! My eating style has become a way of life – this is a permanent change! And the best thing is – my night sweats have disappeared! Food and weight are simply no longer an issue or focus. I am finally free from the hold that they had over me!


But there are also hidden benefits to this programme that I never expected. The tools that Lilith equipped me with in terms of mental approach to things have played out into other areas of my life. I find that my general thinking and attitude have improved, I have learned so much about stress management and I have somehow automatically developed an attitude of “I can”. This helps me overcome many obstacles in my personal and professional life and helps me cope with daily stress.



Thank you Lilith, for helping me to Upgrade my Life through upgrading my Mind.

Vince, 48, Mauritius

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Do you know that there is a reason why it’s so difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off?


And do you know that its not your fault that diets, exercise and pills have not worked for you?


Most importantly, do you know that you can lose weight, get thin and stay thin permanently without boring diets, pills, long hours of exercise or surgery?



Of course the diet industry doesn’t want you to know this.
They want to
keep you in a state of failure so that you will keep spending your money with them.



Would you like to know the reason why you have lost weight before, only to put it all back on, and more within a year?


Do you want to understand why you so often start out saying you are going to eat healthy food and lose weight, and then find yourself eating all the wrong things?


How would you like to understand the reason you are stuck in the cycle of feeling guilty for breaking your promise to yourself, feeling like you are weak, a failure, feeling ashamed and disappointed and angry at yourself, only to eat more junk food because that’s what feeling bad makes you do?


Overeating is an emotional issue



You have an emotional relationship with food that was formed during your early childhood.  When you were born, you had a normal, natural and healthy relationship with food. Babies don’t overeat. They stop when they have had enough regardless of how delicious it is. This changed as a result of your experiences while you were growing up. Somewhere along the line, you developed an unhealthy relationship with food.


Good Morning Lilith


Thank you so much for the first session of the weight-loss Hypnosis done with me on Skype last Thursday.


I have never in years felt so good and had control over my appetite and eating habits!  Since our session, I have listened daily to my recording you gave me. I find myself repeating some of the sentences during the day and being reminded by my subconscious why I really eat. After only 3 days I didn’t feel the need to nibble on snacks constantly anymore. Now, 5 days later I dish my food on a small plate and feel full for longer.  I don’t take second helpings, I leave food in my plate, I drink less sugar in my coffee, and after 8 months not having a period, it has returned! 🙂 I feel motivated to look after my body and crave vegetables.


I will keep you updated on my progress and want to thank you again for helping me and checking up on me.  I will recommend this skype Hypno-Weightloss for everybody who is struggling with their eating.

Yolanda E
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Lose weight permanentlyUntil you uncover what your emotional issue is, you will continue to unconsciously sabotage all your dieting efforts. You are doomed to staying stuck in your vicious cycle of overeating, hating yourself for doing it, and then doing it again and feeling like an even bigger failure each time round, unless you can identify and break free from your current subconscious beliefs.



Hypnosis will help you pinpoint and understand why you developed an abnormal relationship with food. Once you discover the root cause of your problem, you will be so much better equipped to fix it and change your current emotional relationship with food.  It will help you re-program your negative behaviour patterns so that you can lose weight and keep it off.



Once you have done this, the way you interact with food will change forever.




I spent my whole life struggling with my weight, getting heavier and heavier as each year went by. Eventually, in January, my mom insisted I go and see Lilith for help because nothing else was working.  I was skeptical but I went. After only 1 hypnosis session with Lilith my entire relationship with food changed because I understood where things went wrong.  This has enabled me to lose 25 kg since then, and its been easy, because I now WANT to make the choices I do.  For the first time ever, I am in control.

~Charne Pretorius, 28

* references are contactable by special request

Permanent weight-loss



Diet and exercise do nothing to address the reason you overeat.  There is always an emotional reason for eating the way you do. You must understand what the reason is before you can address it.  No diet, exercise, surgery or tablet will be able to do this for you. But Hypnosis can.



Through Hypnosis and mentoring, you can change your entire relationship with food.  This in turn will change your weight, size and shape – you will be able to lose weight without the need for medication, boring diets, intense exercises or surgery.



You will learn how to feel in control of what you eat, instead of being controlled by food. Discover how to train your mind to control your choices. Get educated on how to enjoy making the healthy choices for yourself and not feel deprived.





You will train your mind to not even want the junk food, be in control of your desires and in control of your appetite.






Can you imagine feeling motivated to want to eat only health food?


Picture how great it would be to feel satisfied by it and not feel hungry.


Imagine feeling amazing and empowered each time you refuse junk food.


Just imagine how wonderful it will be to eat less, eat healthily and still lose weight effortlessly and quickly.




I went to see Lilith in 2018 for weight-loss hypnosis. I was tired of being overweight my whole life.  The first session was amazing and truly changed the way I thought about food.  Understanding the cause of my abnormal relationship helped me overcome my terrible habits.  I went for my follow-up session a few days later to learn new tips and techniques on how to go forward in the strongest way possible.  I found listening to my customised Goal Weight audio every day extremely helpful in keeping my focus on track.  In total I lost 32kg, reached my goal weight and have maintained it ever since.  Thank you Lilith, for giving me my dignity, body and power back.

~ Debra Milner, 43

* references are contactable by special request




We have our popular and very successful Weight-Loss Package available to help you easily lose weight and finally reach and maintain your ideal weight.   See results quickly and keep them permanently.  Change your relationship with food, forever.  



Your Hypnosis can be done in the comfort of your own home via Skype.  Skype consultations are just as effective and generally more convenient.  All that is required is a good and stable internet connection. This means that no matter where you are in the world, you can still get thin the lazy way.



  • 30 min introductory consultation (R425)
  • 2 hour hypno-consultation (R1700)
  • 4 x 60 min follow-up consultations (R3400)
  • Goal Weight mind training audio to help you reinforce and train your mind to lose weight and become free of cravings, guilt, diets, pills and negative eating habits, forever. (R367)
  • Your Personal Cure training audio for you to listen to every day for at least 21 days. (R250)
  • Total value : R6142

To put that price into perspective:  How much money do you spend on junk food, take-outs and diet products in a month?


What about over 6 months? A year? How much have you spent in total on weight-loss products and slimming procedures?


Instead of throwing your money into the black hole of weight-gain and failure, you can now make a once-off investment in yourself and discover the easy way to reach and maintain your perfect weight, forever.  Think of all the money you will save by conquering your eating habits for once and for all.


You deserve to feel and look good.


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Get just 2 of your friends or family to purchase our Weight-loss Package during 2021 and you can get yours absolutely free! 


Yes, you read that correctly:  Only two friends need to buy the weight-loss package for you to get yours free. No strings attached! Guaranteed.


Speaking of guaranteesYour personal investment comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  This means that you get to try out the Weight-loss Package Risk Free.  We are 100% confident in the  Programme because we know that it works and have seen it consistently work for others. That is why we are happy to let you test it out, Risk Free for a full 30 days and feel safe about your investment.


We guarantee that if you show us that you followed the instructions given to you during your personal consultations, applied the techniques consistently and daily, submit the majority of your daily progress updates, and feel that you have experienced absolutely no benefit from the package, we will happily give you a prompt, full and friendly refund.


Take action now and start the process of building your ideal self.


I had an incredibly bad and unhealthy relationship with food since I was 10 years old.  I would see-saw between periods of crash dieting and then binge eating; losing and gaining the same weight over and over again.


I was an emotional eater and I used food as both a coping and defense mechanism as I moved through life.  This mutated into an eating disorder and I battled with Bulimia for 12 years before finding Lilith.


I was nervous when I first went to Lilith: I had tried so many options before that hadn’t worked and I honestly needed this to work.


Lilith’s demeanour and approach made me feel as though I was talking to a long-time friend – one who not only understood what I was going through, but would also listen to what I said without any judgement.


The process of hypnosis was as easy as breathing and by the end of the session I felt at peace for the first time in ages.


I sent Lilith a message the next day discussing how my perceptions with regard to food and my body seemed to have totally changed.    I felt completely different toward food almost immediately.  Whereas before my life revolved around food: when to eat, what to eat, calorie counting etc. I felt as though food was no longer the most important aspect of my life. I wanted to reward my body by making healthy choices.


The biggest change was perhaps how I started to see my body. For so long I had resented my body for not looking a certain way and for not losing weight easily. But after just 1 session I started being grateful to my body and acknowledging that my body wasn’t an opposing team with which to do battle, rather my body and I formed the perfect team.


The weight shedding started soon after, and I dumped 15kg in the first 3 months and I am still going strong!


I find it easier to recognise my triggers and acknowledge them for what they are and where they come from and more importantly, I actually find it rewarding to make healthy choices and eat healthy food.


Dumping this weight has been incredibly easy, my body and I are no longer fighting against each other and I no longer feel the compulsive urge to binge or starve myself. Rather I want to make healthy choices for me.


I would 100% recommend this to anyone from those who have battled with their relationship with food for their entire lives to those who have a few unwanted kilos they’d like to shed.


Don’t be afraid. The image you have of yourself in your head is not the actual you. To discover your actual self you need to be willing to invest in yourself. Remember that you are worth the investment and you deserve the very best.  Lilith has taught me this.

~Crystal Harris, 28

* references are contactable by special request


We occasionally hold a ‘GET THIN THE LAZY WAY’ morning seminar for just R300, where you discover new and powerful perspectives on your mind, food choices, self-speak and thinking style and how these affect your current weight-state. Learn how to make these new perspectives work for you on your journey to dumping those excess kilos.


Only a limited amount of attendees are allowed to enrol in our seminars to
ensure a more personal and interactive experience for you.
Seats are reserved on a first come first serve basis.  Don’t miss out.



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