The Stress & Anxiety Management Workshop

Stress has been called the ‘health epidemic of the 21st century’ by the World Health Organization. 




Do You:

  • Feel ‘Tired but Wired’?
  • Overwhelmed and unable to manage responsibility?
  • Feel exhausted, but sleep poorly?
  • Suffer from ill health and headaches?
  • Struggle with poor concentration?
  • Feel irritable and prone to outbursts?


These are all symptoms of chronic stress.  Stress is a biological process, often induced by your thinking processes.  The constant activation of the stress response has a massive negative impact on your body, and your life. It sucks the joy out of living.






Since attending the Stress Management class, I have been trying to implement the techniques learned. Practicing the exercises in class left me feeling SUPER relaxed and revitalised afterwards and I can see how the breathing exercises are important for the body, mind and soul.

I was very surprised to realise just how intrusive my thoughts are and how important it is for me to not get distracted by them so easily.  I struggled to fall asleep the other night, so I did the exercise you taught us and it worked like a charm!   I can most definitely see the importance and benefit of daily stress management.

Just a huge thank you for planting these little stress-relief wisdom bombs in my mind. I am making a conscious effort to apply these techniques every day!

Melanie Olivier

The Stress & Anxiety Management Workshop:

Our Workshop is held over two weekends instead of one full day. One reason we do this to prevent information overload. We don’t want you to learn everything and apply nothing because its too much to remember!  Another reason we split the workshops is to give you time to fully master and apply the techniques you learnt before learning the next set of techniques. This way, we are able to address any difficulty you may have encountered during the week at the next workshop.


Part 1

  • Gain a deep and thorough understanding of how stress works.
  • Understand anxiety – what it is and what part of the brain it originates from.
  • Learn the different techniques to manage and reduce the stress, depending on where in your brain it developed.
  • Learn some of the techniques to cope with and reduce anxiety.
  • Panic Attacks – what is actually going on.
  • Learn how to cope with Panic Attacks in yourself and others.
  • Discover a simple yet powerful technique that you can apply anytime anywhere that will give you control over your stress.

Part 2

  • Discover what tendencies you have that create or contribute towards your stress or anxiety.
  • Find out how the majority of stress is generated by your thinking style.
  • Self-Talk:  how the subconscious responds to your thoughts and how to hack it.
  • Learn a simple and exceptionally powerful formula to master Stress inducing thinking.
  • Discover how to overcome stress-induced Procrastination
  • Learn how to reduce your risk of experiencing stress-based anxiety on an ongoing basis.
  • Learn how to prevent Burnout.

My name is Milene da silva, I am 18 years old and I found the workshop incredibly helpful. It made me realise things I had not previously known and made me more aware of how to help with the incredible stress that I’m constantly feeling. With the information I was given I have been able to stop 3 or 4 panic attacks before they actually happen, which is something I’ve never been able to do before. Its actually phenomenal, I did not realise that I would be able to actually feel so calm and be able to help myself like this without medication or something like that. So its really been very very helpful and I’d score it 10/10 for all its done for me.

Live life a Master of stress, not a victim




R795 – Covers Parts 1 & 2
The Farmhouse on 848 Lisbon Avenue, Little Falls, Roodepoort
10h00 to 12h30
Part 1: Saturday 26 June 2021
Part 2: Saturday 03  July 2021



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I have a stressful job as an Editorial Assistant and balancing my personal life on top of this leaves me feeling incredibly stressed out. Before attending the Stress Workshop I had knots in my tummy and realised I was breathing heavily from the stress.  By the time I left the knots had literally melted away and I felt calm and ready to go on.  I learned that at times we take the smallest things for granted and it’s amazing how much a something like a simple breathing exercise can calm your nerves and leave you feeling like a new person.


Thank you Lilith for making me aware of the importance of these exercises and how effective they are. Now I can use them whenever I’m feeling anxious or stressed.

Manakedi Bokaba