Are Your Thoughts Making You Sick?

Your body and your mind are inextricably linked. 


Every single thought you have results in a biochemical reaction in your brain which in turn affects your body. Your brain makes a chemical which is sent to the body which immediately responds by reacting in direct alignment with the thought you just had.  In other words: your body produces a feeling – it feels what you are thinking.


A very easy way of illustrating this concepts is sexual arousal. Imagine you are sitting comfortably somewhere and a deliciously sexy thought enters your mind.  The result is that your body reflects your thought by feeling a bit turned on.  This in turn, results in you thinking even more enticing thoughts.  This leads you to feel even more aroused and excited.  Often you are rewarded with unmistakable and unequivocal physical proof that your body feels your thoughts!  The thought-feeling cycle continues:  your thoughts reflect in your body which then signals your mind to think more related thoughts which are again reflected in your body.



This is all very well if you are thinking happy and uplifting thoughts.  But what if you are thinking angry, negative or stressful thoughts? Perhaps you are driving home from work, stuck in traffic.  You think about how you hate being stuck in traffic, and this starts a cascade of chemicals that result in you feeling annoyed.  This feeling then induces your mind to think about more things that annoy you.  You find yourself remembering an incident at work with Jim.  This sends out even more chemicals, and now you are feeling angry as you rehash the incident.  Soon you are thinking about everything else Jim does that annoys you. Now your stomach is in a knot and your heart is beating hard as your body responds to the thoughts, promoting more of the same.


By the time you get home, you are having full blown go at Jim in the safety of your mind.  You go over everything you want to say to him and counter every possible response he could have.  By now you are in a foul mood and are feeling very tense as a result of the chemical cocktail of stress hormones coursing through your body. As a result of your mood you being to find fault with everything at home.  Small things now disproportionately anger you:  you shout at the dog, fight with your spouse and your day just deteriorates further as the thought-feeling cycle perpetuates.  This prolonged exposure to the negative thinking creates stress in your body.  You can read here about Why Stress Kills.


Whatever you think will be reflected by your body – it always expresses your thoughts as a feeling.



Can you begin to understand now, how, if you are perpetually negative, depressed, chronically stressed or suffering from anxiety, your body can descend into illness?  Can you begin to fathom the effects of years and years of negative thinking and feeling?  The effects of low self esteem, worry, self hate and recrimination, anger and blame?  Your body reflects all these feelings as it suffers the chemical effects of your thoughts.  The result of the prolonged chemical cocktail of negative thinking will be, without a doubt, dis-ease and degeneration.


The negative thoughts you entertain are all translated into negative stress events by your body.  As a result you will suffer the effects of chronic stress. Furthermore, indulging your negative thinking creates entrenched neural pathways in your brain.  This results in this type of thinking becoming habitual and unconscious behaviour.  In turn, this results in a further deterioration in your health.


We tend to think that our bodies manifest diseases as a result of bad luck or bad genes, but the truth is: our bodies manifest dis-ease as a result of what we are habitually thinking, consciously and subconsciously. You can significantly improve your health by changing your thoughts.


This is easier said than done, as your body has become accustomed to the chemical mix it has been living in over the years.  But you can start changing your subconscious and habitual thinking by re-programming your subconscious mind.


We have a variety of Mind Training tools to assist you in the process, and you can find out here about how it all works.  You can also learn how to manage your chronic stress or anxiety by attending a Stress and Anxiety workshop or private coaching.


The key to improving your health and wellness is to become aware of what you are thinking, so that you can manage your thoughts instead of becoming a victim of them.