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Now you can train your mind effortlessly and obliterate your old, negative thinking patterns that have been holding you back.  Unleash your potential by using powerful Mind Training audios to train your mind to create positive change, the easy way.


Positive affirmations are the best way to encourage your mind to replace a negative belief with a positive one. However, what most people don’t realise is that most of the time just hearing or saying affirmations won’t work.  This is because they are not able to bypass your conscious barrier of negative belief and are rejected and dismissed.


If your conscious mind hears an affirmation it doesn’t agree with or believe, it will simply reject it as false.  This often results in you actually feeling worse because you haven’t had your reality confirmed. Another problem with affirmations is if they are not correctly phrased you can programme your mind with something you don’t want.


For example: “I don’t want conflict in my life” will focus the mind on conflict.


Instead of focusing the mind on conflict, we phrase the affirmation in a positive manner “I want peace and harmony in my life”.



In addition, affirmations are more acceptable to the mind if they are phrased in a believable manner.  “I am healthy” may not be believable, but “I am becoming healthier” has a level of credibility that your mind will be willing to accept.



The secret of affirmations is to bypass the conscious mind and plant the correctly phrased affirmations directly into the subconscious mind.


To do this, we use a leading edge and deeply transformative technology called STEREO CONFUSION. This creates the most favourable effect in the industry of self-improvement.


Simply put, it involves sending many different messages through your left ear and your right ear at the same time.


Your left ear hears “I only eat when I am hungry”. Simultaneously your right ear hears “It’s okay to be slim and trim now”.  Imagine hearing 3 different simultaneous messages in your left ear and 3 different simultaneous messages in your right ear.  This confuses and overloads your conscious mind. It then simply chooses to ignore the messages rather than try to interpret them.


However, your immensely powerful subconscious mind easily absorbs the messages and processes them individually as 6 separate statements.  This allows the affirmations to be received by your subconscious mind without conscious interference. Well-phrased affirmations slipping into your subconscious mind is the key to changing the way you think.




The next step is to help your mind relax and be in a receptive state. We use Isochronic tones, which is a pulsing sound set to a specific frequency, which helps to soothe you and calm down your racing mind.  Our Starter pack uses a Theta frequency for deep relaxation. 

You can read more about entrainments here.


To further your listening pleasure we accompany the audios with a soothing background sound on some tracks.  Focusing on the background sounds help the affirmations to gently wash over your conscious mind, while the background sounds enable you to relax, providing an overall pleasant experience.



  • Six voices in stereo confusion ensure that your conscious mind will not interfere with the training.
  • We use both male and female voices to provide balance.
  • Delivery of 100 or more affirmations per Mind Training product.
  • First person (“I deserve good things”) as well as third person (“you deserve good things”) affirmations to turbocharge the training. This minimises any potential rejection as often 3rd person is more easily accepted.
  • Delivery of affirmations at high-speeds doubles the amount of messages delivered. Your subconscious mind is perfectly capable of processing higher speeds. In fact, it actually expects to receive information in large volumes– it’s what it’s designed to do.
  • You receive at least 10 000 positive affirmations per 1 hour listening session
  • The subconscious mind gently receives these positive affirmations and that is where the magic happens
  • To superchargethe process some of the tracks have an entrainment track backing.
  • A 21-day progress journal is provided. Designed to help keep you on track and mindful of your thinking and actions.

This combination is a cutting edge way to change your thinking on a subconscious level is deeply and positively. Access your unlimited creative power to manifest your goals and desires.

Beware of buying any mind training product which does not offer full disclosure of each and every statement used. This is not a safe thing to do.



You can feel safe and comfortable knowing that we never recommend the use of subliminal messages.


We believe it is important to know exactly what statements you are training your mind with.  As such you can clearly hear each affirmation in our audios when you focus your concentration on each particular voice. Furthermore, each and every affirmation in your product can be downloaded as a PDF script before you buy your audio track. 


How to determine if the programme you have chosen will be good for you:

Download the script and imagine what your life would be like if each and every one of the statements were true right now.  If this results in a really good feeling, the script is right for you.  We also provide a FAQ section with all the audio’s to help you get the best out of your product.




Click on the audio below to listen to a short 40 second sample of the Super-Study Mind Training audio. You can listen to a sample of each of the backgrounds too.  Remember – its best heard through good quality stereo earphones.


If you enjoy any of the background samples, click on the link under the picture to download a free 15 minute track. Listen to it when you want to take a quick 15 minute relaxing time-out.

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