Success Stories

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7 April 2020

Good Morning Lilith


Thank you so much for the first session of the weight-loss Hypnosis done with me on Skype last Thursday.


I have never in years felt so good and had control over my appetite and eating habits!  Since our session, I have listened daily to my recording you gave me. I find myself repeating some of the sentences during the day and being reminded by my subconscious why I really eat. After only 3 days I didn’t feel the need to nibble on snacks constantly anymore. Now, 5 days later I dish my food on a small plate and feel full for longer.  I don’t take second helpings, I leave food in my plate, I drink less sugar in my coffee, and after 8 months not having a period, it has returned! 🙂 I feel motivated to look after my body and crave vegetables.


I will keep you updated on my progress and want to thank you again for helping me and checking up on me.  I will recommend this skype Hypno-Weightloss for everybody who is struggling with their eating.

Yolanda, Pretoria

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most difficult careers to embark on. My stress levels went through the roof and consequently so did my Cholesterol. Before seeing Lilith Walliser it was sitting at 9.9, basically a heart attack waiting to happen. Within a month of beginning treatment with Lilith  my cholesterol dropped to 3.9 and through her stress management course I was able to at least get a full night’s sleep, the first time in years! I highly recommend Lilith as one of the best Life Practioners I have had the pleasure to meet.

Henri – 52 yrs. Northcliff

Lilith’s approach exponentially accelerated my healing.

At 50 years old my life came crashing down around me, when I finally left my abusive husband after 15 years and suffered his vengeance, which took the form of cheating me out of everything I owned except my car, pushing me out of our prosperous businesses and joint family trust, and racking up huge debt on my behalf, leaving me stranded and at his mercy with no safety net or support structure.


For the first year I lived in almost continuous terror with no means or idea how to heal or move forward, in a state of what I now know to be constant C-PTSD.  My grayed hair fell out in clumps, my weight plummeted, I woke several times a night panting in fear, could not control my tears in private or public, and probably aged 10 years.


In the second year, I began to connect with people from various disciplines (from energy healers, hypnotists, a trauma counsellor, life coaches, abuse support groups and NLP practitioners) who tried to help me, each time with limited success.  During this time my safety remained at the financial whim of my ex husband and – although I’m a highly qualified and previously successful businesswoman) no matter how hard I tried to secure work or build a business, nothing worked.


By the time I was referred to Lilith, I was desperate and had lost all confidence in myself and all hope for the future, feeling abandoned, washed-up and ready for the scrap heap.


Lilith coached me for an hour each week for 9 sessions, and never once allowed me to fall into the trap of seeing myself as a victim or playing the blame game.  And this, I believe, was my turning point.  Her unique approach, combining her rich scientific knowledge and strong spiritual awareness, greatly aided me in separating myself from the emotions I was experiencing, and her practical application of the scientific principles turned my healing around: instead of battling my demons from the inside out, we used multi-faceted tactics, working simultaneously at the emotional, physical and intellectual (logical) level.  She challenged my thinking regularly, held me accountable to my weekly commitments to myself and the self-reflection exercises she gave me, and – unlike other practitioners I’d encountered – worked intelligently to uncover some deep subconscious beliefs that resided at far deeper levels than those I’d reached with anyone else.


Beyond that, however, she taught me skills, a habit of mindfulness and instrospective techniques that I’ve continued to use to progress my healing further.  She also has great business acumen and common sense, and was able to give me useful pointers which I’m now using to begin building a new business.


I have since greatly reduced my emotional attachment to my ex, managed to secure a small amount of business (even standing up to a bullying client and fighting for fees due which they’d reneged on – something I would once have allowed to defeat me), recently moved into my own house and have begun building some promising business contacts which I believe might lead to good things.  More importantly, though, my thinking is once again clear, I am motivated and even excited about what I want to do, and I have rediscovered my curiosity, courage and belief in myself.


Lilith is not an ‘easy’ answer, but she’s closest to a ‘real’ answer than any other avenue I tried.  I write this as we complete our second day of COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa, and find myself not only calm, unruffled and unaffected by the fear and uncertainty of the moment, but joyfully looking forward to the opportunities it may present for the reinvention of my life.  If you have the courage and willingness to face yourself and find your voice, and are willing to put in the work, Lilith should be your partner on the journey.

Helen – 53yrs

My life has been seriously upgraded, from being depressed & miserable, to energised & hungry for life.


I was in a terrible relationship, having lost my identity and allowing people to treat me badly. Lilith from Life Upgrade showed me the light by getting rid of old thinking & habits, and focusing my my strengths.


I have her to thank for my current, upgraded life! I have learnt to love myself for who I am, I’m proud of myself & appreciate who I am. I am in control of my own life and no longer let people dictate to me.


Thank you Lilith, thank you Life Upgrade, from the bottom of my heart. I highly recommend that anyone seeking self-life assist to contact Lilith from Life Upgrade right now & book a session!

Sean – 43yrs Business Owner

My name is Nokuthula September, a 36 year old single mother and working full time. When I met Lilith, my life was in shambles and I had grown into a habit of ignoring making necessary decisions and changes towards my growth. I was anxious to quit my habits that made me feel better but landed me up in a desperate situations regardless.


Fear and Anxiety disabled my mind to an extent that I could not  function as a leader at work and everything was rapidly falling apart including my wellbeing, finances and I was failing to meet my responsibility as a mother.


I knew I had some choices to make but I just could not face the uncertainties that come with change but yet I was on the verge of losing everything I had worked hard for.


I met Lilith in 2017 and I was sceptical taking that first step towards sobriety and towards making better choice for myself. Since my first sessions of Hypnotherapy and Private Mentoring, I have made tremendous changes including:

  • Selling my home in order to start afresh
  • Paying off debt
  • Adopting a positive outlook on a daily basis
  • Setting attainable goals
  • Taking responsibility of every single moment
  • Gaining confidence broadening my vision and my horizon


Through Dream Analysis, I was able to face and conquer feelings of fear and the dream analysis also assisted me to have more depth into my vision and take responsibility of setting up goals in order to attain my dream.


Lilith has really made feel like a new person and the journey with Life Upgrade has been the most rewarding experience.  Lilith teaches you the skills to empower, plan, organise and achieve best results adequate for each individual. It has been more than two years since my last session with Lilith and yet I still use the tools she gave me to manage stress and set goals for myself. Life Upgrade is a true life changing platform.


Kind Regards,

Nokuthula, Business Owner

I had an incredibly bad and unhealthy relationship with food since I was 10 years old.  I would see-saw between periods of crash dieting and then binge eating; losing and gaining the same weight over and over again.


I was an emotional eater and I used food as both a coping and defense mechanism as I moved through life.  This mutated into an eating disorder and I battled with Bulimia for 12 years before finding Lilith.


I was nervous when I first went to Lilith: I had tried so many options before that hadn’t worked and I honestly needed this to work.


Lilith’s demeanour and approach made me feel as though I was talking to a long-time friend – one who not only understood what I was going through, but would also listen to what I said without any judgement.


The process of hypnosis was as easy as breathing and by the end of the session I felt at peace for the first time in ages.


I sent Lilith a message the next day discussing how my perceptions with regard to food and my body seemed to have totally changed.    I felt completely different toward food almost immediately.  Whereas before my life revolved around food: when to eat, what to eat, calorie counting etc. I felt as though food was no longer the most important aspect of my life. I wanted to reward my body by making healthy choices.


The biggest change was perhaps how I started to see my body. For so long I had resented my body for not looking a certain way and for not losing weight easily. But after just 1 session I started being grateful to my body and acknowledging that my body wasn’t an opposing team with which to do battle, rather my body and I formed the perfect team.


The weight shedding started soon after, and I dumped 15kg in the first 3 months and I am still going strong!


I find it easier to recognise my triggers and acknowledge them for what they are and where they come from and more importantly, I actually find it rewarding to make healthy choices and eat healthy food.


Dumping this weight has been incredibly easy, my body and I are no longer fighting against each other and I no longer feel the compulsive urge to binge or starve myself. Rather I want to make healthy choices for me.


I would 100% recommend this to anyone from those who have battled with their relationship with food for their entire lives to those who have a few unwanted kilos they’d like to shed.


Don’t be afraid. The image you have of yourself in your head is not the actual you. To discover your actual self you need to be willing to invest in yourself. Remember that you are worth the investment and you deserve the very best.  Lilith has taught me this.

Crystal Harris, 28  * references are contactable by special request

I went to see Lilith in 2018 for weight-loss Hypnosis. I was tired of being overweight my whole life.  The first session was amazing and truly changed the way I thought about food.  Understanding the cause of my abnormal relationship helped me overcome my terrible habits.  I went for my follow-up session a few days later to learn new tips and techniques on how to go forward in the strongest way possible.  I found listening to my customised Goal Weight audio every day extremely helpful in keeping my focus on track.  In total I lost 32kg, reached my goal weight and have maintained it ever since.  Thank you Lilith, for giving me my dignity, body and power back.

Debra Milner, 43

I spent my whole life struggling with my weight, getting heavier and heavier as each year went by. Eventually, in January, my mom insisted I go and see Lilith for help because nothing else was working.  I was skeptical but I went. After only 1 hypnosis session with Lilith my entire relationship with food changed because I understood where things went wrong.  This has enabled me to lose 25 kg since then, and its been easy, because I now WANT to make the choices I do.  For the first time ever, I am in control.

Charne Pretorius, 28

Since attending the Stress Management class, I have been trying to implement the techniques learned. Practicing the exercises in class left me feeling SUPER relaxed and revitalised afterwards and I can see how the breathing exercises are important for the body, mind and soul.

I was very surprised to realise just how intrusive my thoughts are and how important it is for me to not get distracted by them so easily.  I struggled to fall asleep the other night, so I did the exercise you taught us and it worked like a charm!   I can most definitely see the importance and benefit of daily stress management.

Just a huge thank you for planting these little stress-relief wisdom bombs in my mind. I am making a conscious effort to apply these techniques every day!

Melanie Olivier

I have a stressful job as an Editorial Assistant and balancing my personal life on top of this leaves me feeling incredibly stressed out. Before attending the Stress Buster class I had knots in my tummy and realised I was breathing heavily from the stress.  By the time I left the knots had literally melted away and I felt calm and ready to go on.  I learned that at times we take the smallest things for granted and it’s amazing how much a something like a simple breathing exercise can calm your nerves and leave you feeling like a new person.

I was amazed and shocked to learn how out of control and intrusive our thoughts are, how they contribute to stress and to realise how I’m constantly thinking about so many things and never just relax my mind. It’s really important to gain control over this.  I now realise just how absolutely important daily stress management actually is.

It is great to know that when you’re feeling really stressed out and anxious, a simple exercise anywhere anytime can make such a huge difference. All It takes is 5 minutes to feel in control again.

Thank you Lilith for making me aware of the importance of these exercises and how effective they are. Now I can use them whenever I’m feeling anxious or stressed.

Manakedi Bokaba

Before attending the Stress Management Class I was wide awake, my mind preoccupied with my work as an Account Director of a major publication.  After practicing the various relaxation techniques designed to calm the body I felt wonderfully relaxed and energised.

This class made me realise how important daily stress management is and that using the correct breathing and relaxation techniques is vital to alleviating every day stress. I was not surprised to discover how intrusive stress thinking is and can appreciate what a significant difference to stress and sleep getting your thoughts under control can make.

Effective daily stress management is vitally important. It’s great that I now have some effective and useful-for-everyday-life techniques at my disposal.

 Alyson Brown

Eon, teacher

My name is Eon.  I found the workshop very beneficial and rewarding.  It helped a lot to understand exactly where it (anxiety) comes from. If you can understand exactly what its about then I think its much easier to try and deal with it when it happens.  The breathing helped a lot because since the workshop I didn’t really have huge episode of anxiety again. I would definitely score the workshop a 9 out of 10, definitely it really was very beneficial and I would definitely recommend it if you have anymore of these workshops then I would definitely recommend it.

Mel, 18, Student

My name is Milene da silva, I am 18 years old and I found the workshop incredibly helpful. It made me realise things I had not previously known and made me more aware of how to help with the incredible stress that I’m constantly feeling. With the information I was given I have been able to stop 3 or 4 panic attacks before they actually happen, which is something I’ve never been able to do before.  Its actually phenomenal, I did not realise that I would be able to actually feel so calm and be able to help myself like this without medication or something like that.  So its really been very very helpful and I’d score it 10/10 for all its done for me.

Ali, 16, Student

My name is Ali, I am 16 years old.  I found the workshop to be particularly amazing due to the fact that it helped me a lot. From me studying 10 20 minutes and agitating myself, the things you said helped me out.  I can sit for longer and concentrate for much longer.  I rate it a 10/10 because I find it helps me a lot, with everything, the relaxation and how to calm yourself down, and when I need it I do the breathing exercise and it works, it works out perfectly.

Valerie, Administrator

Hi, My name is Valerie.  I really enjoyed this workshop.  It helped me with my anxiety issues, I am less anxious now and can actually concentrate on work.  The breathing exercises worked a lot for me and it was amazing.  The workshop was fun to be in, and it was helpful.  I would rate it 10/10 because it was amazing. Thank you

Chris 18, Student

Hi, my name is Chris, I’m 18 years of age, and I think the workshop was worth the amount I paid for it.  I used to procrastinate, a lot, and because of that I was stressing, but when I actually just got over myself and came to this thing just to listen to what I needed to do, it actually helped a lot. I am less stressed out now and actually knuckling down and doing work, I’m not so tensed up all the time, so its very relaxing to do work now, Its helpful.  A solid 9.5 out of 10.  One thing I forgot to mention is that Lilith made us feel more comfortable than what most people usually do – we feel intimidated sometimes, but with Lilith we were actually comfortable, and so we enjoyed it more than we thought we would!

Kristen, 14, Student

I’m Kristin, I’m 14 years old. The workshop was actually very interesting for me, I learned a lot. Before I went to it I was never able to talk to anyone, and never able to start studying. But after the breathing exercises I am able to learn and go through it properly.  The breathing exercise helped me to talk to people properly instead of stuttering and freaking out.  I can actually start studying, and before I could study so hard the day before and then I’d come to the exam and then I’d forget everything and panic and just want to run away from class, but now the breathing exercise has actually helped me a lot to breath and relax and concentrate for my exams and with my studying too.

I used to be the queen of procrastination it was extremely bad, I used to constantly put off doing so many important things. Then I went and saw Lilith, she got me onto listening to a subliminal Programme specifically for procrastination and only after a few times of listening to it, I already saw a huge difference in myself, I was completing important tasks and becoming more and more organized. It has helped me tremendously and I am so pleased that I went and saw Lilith, her professionalism and expertise is absolutely outstanding! I highly recommend her to anyone who has a problem with procrastination

Sheevaun, Business Owner