How To Tame Your Man Into The Palm Of Your Hand


Have you ever felt like you are just not getting through to your man? Felt that he is somehow just not hearing you? 

Well, its not your fault. There is a reason for that. The reason is: women speak to their men like they speak to their girlfriends…and expect the same result.  A man’s mind simply doesn’t work that way. You need to learn how to speak “Man”!

For example:

  1. When you try to help your man reach his full potential, your efforts, when translated into Man are heard as: “you are not good enough for me the way you are, you must change, I cannot accept you this way.
  2. You ask him to help you chop the vegetables for dinner, and see that he is not doing it in the most efficient manner and show him how to do it better.  Translated into Man, this is heard as “ I don’t trust you to be able to do things effectively and efficiently. You are not capable. You are not man enough”
Join our workshops to learn how to communicate with your man in a way that he will actually hear you. 
Get the keys to the blueprint of the Male-Mind and learn how to speak “Man”.

Some of the topics of the workshop include:

Decoding the Man-Mind
  • The language of Man
  • Men will be Men – don’t emasculate them.
  • Men want High Value Women
  • The Dreaded Man Cave – when and why he withdraws.
Dating Tips
  • Getting him to approach
  • Texting
  • When he seems to lose interest
  • Why he doesn’t commit
Relationship Tips
  • How men keep points
  • Universal love language of men
  • Nagging – why they dont hear you
  • How to motivate your man
Conflict Resolution
  • Cardinal Rules
  • When to address a problem
  • How to get on the same side
  • The Discovery Process
  • What Not to do


Married or Single, consider this workshop as your manual for dealing with your man.


This workshop was put together for you by men!

Over the years during my relationship counseling, it became clear to me that so much of what goes wrong in a relationship is that men and women don’t speak the same language. Women tend to make men complicated when they are actually quite straight forward.  Men are extremely literal, and they deal in facts, not emotion. Women, however, are all about the emotion, and ‘reading between the lines’.  When communicating like this with a man, you may as well be speaking Zulu to a Russian.

Furthermore, its important to remember that men are not just hairy women who don’t wear dresses, they are a species unto their own and should be treated as such. Men will be Men. The sooner you realise that they have different needs to women, the sooner you are going to find yourself in a happier place with them.

Realising that we have a huge information gap, I approached the source: MEN.
I interviewed all my male clients, their friends and family, my friends and family. Everybody’s friend’s friend, cousin, uncle, father, brother, son, nephew…. They were falling over each other in their eagerness to contribute!  I asked them one question: What do you want women to understand about men?

And it turned into a workshop!

Your men are desperate for you to understand them! They were so excited to have the opportunity to explain their needs. They have put a lot of effort into this workshop for you – the least you can do is honour them by attending.


DISCLAIMER:  No men were harmed in development of this workshop — we promise! 


Girls – I’ve got you covered!

Don’t worry ladies!  I also host a workshop for your men – called What Women Want: How to Win with Women.  That’s where I teach men all about how we need to feel heard and emotionally supported instead of them trying to fix the problem and invalidating our feelings.  I teach them how to understand the Language of Women, our up’s and down’s, our need to just be held and heard and loved. How we need to feel they are part of our team rather than be our man-child that we need to look after.

Make sure that you don’t date a man who hasn’t been to this Workshop!

Workshop Locations:

Balancing in Motion Family Wellness Centre, Honeydew

Join us on a Sunday from 10am to 2pm for the full workshop.  Be sure to book your seat below for the next workshop, as spaces are limited.  You will be granted a Priority Reservation period to confirm your booking before non subscribers, guaranteeing your seat at the workshop.

Col’Cacchio Northcliff

Don’t have time to do the full workshop in one go? We spread the workshop over 3 weeks for you so that you dont miss out!  Join us on Thursday Nights for a 90 minutes during this series. Bring your man along and let him enjoy a drink while he waits and then he can join you for a Special Couples Dinner deal while your practice your new secrets on him!  Contact us via the Priority Seat Reservation form below to book your spot in the next 3 week series. We will notify you of the dates once they have been set.

Exclusive Hosting

Grab your girlfriend, bring some snacks and some wine and host a fun and informal workshop in the comfort of your own home. Its fun, its more personal, and its more cost effective!  Minimum of 10 ladies to attend.  Contact us via the Priority Seat Reservation form below to let us know when you would like to host a workshop and let’s chat about the details.

Host a workshop at your business venue

If your business would like to host a workshop, series or tailor-made event as a fun and unique promotional idea, team building exercise or thank-you, give us a shout! Send us a message in the Priority Seat Reservation form below and we will hash out the details together.


One Final Note

These workshops are an ongoing development.  Become a part of them by answering the two questions below in the booking form:

  1. What is the one thing you would most like to understand about men?
  2. What is the one thing you would most like men to understand about women?

We want to be sure we have everything covered.

See you soon!