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  • Stress & Anxiety Management
  • Exam Anxiety & Study Stress
  • Grief & Trauma Therapy
  • Divorce & Relationship Therapy
  • Sports Performance Improvement
  • Weight-Loss & Eating Disorders
  • Personal & Spiritual Development

It is important to know that the subconscious mind controls all your deep-seated mental and emotional beliefs. Those thoughts and beliefs (which you are generally completely unaware of) produce the results in your life. Whatever is going on right now in your life is the outer reflection of the current state of your subconscious mind.


Hypnosis aligns the Conscious
and the Subconscious into Harmony


We use deep relaxation or self-hypnosis techniques (your choice) enabling you to access and process the emotions and beliefs that are holding you back, thereby accelerating your healing. Using these techniques, you gain direct access to your subconscious mind to effect rapid and profound changes.



This isn’t just talk therapy, it’s you taking an active role in mastering the way you think, feel and behave. 
Learn the techniques that unlock the secret to fast, effortless change that lasts a lifetime.

Online Hypno-Coaching Consultations
Your location does not prevent you from getting the help you need.

Hypnosis is just as effective online as it is in person. 
All you need is a stable internet connection.

Lose Weight the Lazy Way

Weight-loss Hypnosis: Fast, Easy and Effective.

Do you know that there is a reason why it’s so difficult for you to lose weight and keep it off?

Do you know that it’s not your fault that diets, exercise and pills have not worked for you?

Do you know that you can lose weight, get thin and stay thin permanently without diets, pills, long hours of exercise or surgery?

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Stress & Anxiety Management

Stress induced anxiety can manifest in many forms and be severely limiting. Is your anxiety is holding you back, preventing you from getting ahead, feeling happy and just enjoying life?

Find out how to manage your anxiety by rewiring your thinking and responses in just 4 weeks!

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Divorce & Relationship Therapy

The Divorce (or breakup) process ranks in the top 3 Stress Events Scale, along with death of a loved one and job loss, and the difficulty in dealing with it should not be underestimated. All the phases of divorce are difficult, and often some clear, objective support can go a long way.

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Stress & Anxiety Management:
2-Part Workshop

A fundamentally powerful workshop which will change your wellbeing forever, by providing you with the Tools for coping with stress & anxiety in everyday living.  Learn effective techniques which are Easy to apply, anytime, anywhere.

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Exam Anxiety & Study Stress:
2-Part Workshop for Students

University, College & High School Students: Find out how to overcome feeling so overwhelmed by your studies that you just end up procrastinating. Get the tools to conquer that exam anxiety that leaves you feeling sick and hitting a blank.

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Lose Weight the Lazy Way:
Morning Seminar

Discover new and powerful perspectives on your mind, food choices, self-speak and thinking style and how these affect your current weight-state. Learn how to make them work for you on your journey to dumping those excess

Mind Save
Rescue your Future Mind

Discover effective steps you can take to prevent, delay, slow down or even reverse the deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s and other dementias. A must for anyone over 50!  Endorsed by the Alzheimer’s Association of South Africa.

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Mind Training

The easy way to lasting change


Now you can train your mind effortlessly and obliterate your old, negative thinking patterns that have been holding you back.  Unleash your potential by using powerful Mind Training audios to train your mind to create positive change, the easy way.

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Success Stories

Personal Development

Lilith’s approach exponentially accelerated my healing. By the time I was referred to Lilith, I was desperate and had lost all confidence in myself and all hope for the future, feeling abandoned, washed-up and ready for the scrap heap. Lilith’s unique approach, combining her rich scientific knowledge and strong spiritual awareness, greatly aided me in separating myself from the emotions I was experiencing, and her practical application of the scientific principles turned my healing around. We used multi-faceted tactics, working simultaneously at the emotional, physical and intellectual (logical) level. She challenged my thinking regularly, held me accountable to my weekly commitments to myself and the self-reflection exercises she gave me, and – unlike other practitioners I’d encountered – worked intelligently to uncover some deep subconscious beliefs that resided at far deeper levels than those I’d reached with anyone else. If you have the courage and willingness to face yourself and find your voice, and are willing to put in the work, Lilith should be your partner on the journey.


Business Owner

Stress Management

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most difficult careers to embark on. My stress levels went through the roof and consequently so did my Cholesterol. Before seeing Lilith Walliser it was sitting at 9.9, basically a heart attack waiting to happen. Within a month of beginning treatment with Lilith my cholesterol dropped to 3.9 and through her stress management course I was able to at least get a full night’s sleep, the first time in years! I highly recommend Lilith as one of the best Life Practitioners I have had the pleasure to meet’.’




Thank you so much for the first session of the Weight-loss Hypnosis done with me on Skype last Thursday. I have never in years felt so good and had control over my appetite and eating habits!  Since our session, I have listened daily to my recording you gave me. I find myself repeating some of the sentences during the day and being reminded by my subconscious why I really eat. After only 3 days I didn’t feel the need to nibble on snacks constantly anymore. Now, 5 days later I dish my food on a small plate and feel full for longer.  I don’t take second helpings, I leave food in my plate, I drink less sugar in my coffee, and after 8 months not having a period, it has returned! 🙂 I feel motivated to look after my body and crave vegetables. I will keep you updated on my progress and want to thank you again for helping me and checking up on me.  I will recommend this skype Hypno-Weightloss for everybody who is struggling with their eating.


Home Executive