Stress & Anxiety Management Workshop


A fundamentally powerful workshop which will change your well-being forever, by providing you with the Tools for coping with stress & anxiety in everyday living


Learn effective techniques which are Easy to apply, anytime, anywhere.


Learn how to manage your stress & anxiety effectively from a mental and physical perspective.  Discover how to hit the ‘off switch’. 


If you want to live well, feel good and be happy then stress management is not optional, it’s essential.



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Stress & Anxiety Management 2-Part Workshop

Part 1 – Saturday 26 June

  • Gain a deep and thorough understanding of how stress works.
  • Understand anxiety – what it is and what part of the brain it originates from.
  • Learn the different techniques to manage and reduce the stress, depending on where in your brain it developed.
  • Learn some of the techniques to cope with and reduce anxiety.
  • Panic Attacks – what is actually going on.
  • Learn how to cope with Panic Attacks in yourself and others.
  • Discover a simple yet powerful technique that you can apply anytime anywhere that will give you control over your stress.

Part 2 – Saturday 3 July

  • Discover what tendencies you have that create or contribute towards your stress or anxiety.
  • Find out how the majority of stress is generated by your thinking style.
  • Self-Talk:  how the subconscious responds to your thoughts and how to hack it.
  • Learn a simple and exceptionally powerful formula to master Stress inducing thinking.
  • Discover how to overcome stress-induced Procrastination
  • Learn how to reduce your risk of experiencing stress-based anxiety on an ongoing basis.
  • Learn how to prevent Burnout.

We use accelerated learning techniques to help you retain information.  The workshops involve actual practise and experiencing the techniques and exercises.  When you go home, you will know exactly what to do and how to do it. 







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