Approximately 264 million people worldwide suffer form an anxiety disorder.

Stress induced anxiety can manifest in many forms and be severely limiting.  It may take on the form of exam anxiety, causing you to fail no matter how well you have prepared.  It may manifest as work anxiety, preventing you from progressing or accepting a promotion due to anxiety caused feeling unable to handle the pressure of meeting deadlines.  Performance anxiety, social anxiety, being anxious about being away from home, being anxious about dealing with problems, managing staff, public speaking, travel, parties... the list goes on. The common denominator is that your anxiety is holding you back, preventing you from getting ahead, feeling happy and just enjoying life.


  • Do you find yourself worrying excessively?
  • Do you often experience feelings of panic?
  • Do you anticipate disaster much of the time?
  • Do you feel unable to control the worry cycle?
  • Do you avoid things purely because they create anxiety?

These are all symptoms of having a problem with anxiety.  The questions you need to answer are: Do you want to live like this for the rest of your life or do you want to feel free and functional?  Do you want to change your story? Do you want to Upgrade your Life and Learn to Live Better?


If you answered yes and are struggling with anxiety on a daily basis then this programme is for you.

Our Intensive 8 Week Anxiety Programme is designed to teach you to rewire your responses, thinking and approach, as well as equip you with the tools which will enable you to get out from underneath your anxiety and manage it effectively.


There are no quick cures for anxiety. You may not be able to make it go away completely. But what you can do is learn how to manage and control your anxiety enough to experience significant improvement in your life.



The 8-week Intensive one-on-one programme gives you:

  1. Personal Consultations x 8: Eight 1 hour weekly consultations to help you fully understand your anxiety, teach you effective coping techniques to help you learn to overcome your anxiety, and help you process past traumas which are currently impactly your stress levels.
  2. Panic Button Audio: a guided audio, to use in the event that you find yourself stuck in a debilitating anxiety or panic attack, where I guide you through the event and help you find your way to a better place.
  3. Calm Down audio: a guided audio to use when you are actively feeling stressed. In this audio I will guide you through your experience to help you cope and lower your stress levels, preventing things from escalating into a full blown panic attack.
  4. Stress Management Mind Training Tool Kit: a variety of audios containing carefully constructed affirmations to gently help you re-programme your thinking and responses, designed to support the work you do in your personal consultations.
  5. Focus in Alpha Audio: an audio with soothing background sounds and an isochronic theta pulse to help you focus and concentrate while staying calm.
  6. Relax to sleep Audio: an audio with soothing background sounds and an isochronic pulse that takes you from waking Beta down through Alpha and Theta into Delta to help you relax and fall asleep, to be used at night in conjunction with the exercises learned during your personal consultations.
  7. Progress Journal Worksheet: to be emailed to me daily to help you maintain your focus, work and progress.
  8. Panic Stop Drops: safe and natural and highly effective, to help you cope with severe anxiety and panic attacks while you are still learning the techniques to manage on your own.
  9. Adrenal Fatigue Drops: if you have been suffering from prolonged anxiety it has undoubtedly taken a toll on your body. These herbal drops are specially formulated to support the body and help you cope with symptoms of exhaustion, stress, lethargy and a weakened immune system.
  10. Mood Assistance Drops: these drops use the Bach Flower remedies to help balance you gently on an emotional sphere while equipping yourself with the necessary tools to manage on your own.

 Let us smash through your anxiety, together.


Your personal investment comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee.  This means that you get to try out the Anxiety Pack Risk Free.  We are 100% confident in the Anxiety Programme because we know that it works and have seen it consistently work for others. That is why we are happy to let you test it out, Risk Free for a full 60 days and feel safe about your investment.


We guarantee that if you show us that you followed the instructions and lessons given to you during your personal consultations, applied the techniques consistently and daily, submit the majority of your daily progress updates, and feel that you have experienced absolutely no benefit from the programme after completing your full 8 weeks of training, we will happily give you a prompt, full and friendly refund.


Take action now and start the process of taking your life back.